Scumback Speakers & Cabs Policies

In an effort to clarify certain questions that have come up since the company started, here are the plain English policies for you to know about.

Returned speakers refund:

15% restocking fee, plus applicable shipping & paypal charges. You have 30 days to return a speaker for a refund after it ships to you. You do not have 30 days, plus shipping time to you, plus shipping time back to Scumback, which could be as much as 50 days or more.

You must return the speaker in it's original shipping box, using extra newspaper packing to add onto the original Kraft paper packing. You cannot use foam peanuts, bubblewrap or other types of packing as they don't have the "give" and "cushion" that newspaper provides for shipping bumps and bruises.

If you don't know how to pack speakers for shipping, use this TGP thread link to learn how.

Failure to follow these simple instructions will result in your speaker being returned, without a refund given or offered. Sorry, but a few bad apples forced this policy into effect.


You can exchange a speaker within 30 days for a different model. You must send in the speaker in it's original packing/insured for full value. The speaker will be tested when it arrives to make sure it's good, then an exchange speaker of the type you want will be shipped out. If the model you want is not in stock, be prepared to wait. You will be charged for return shipping charges. Exchanges outside of 30 days will be handled on a case by case basis. If you exchange for a more expensive speaker type you will be charged the difference in price.


If you pay via PayPal, you have 10 days to cancel your order after payment is made. After that you can only change to a different model. Since speakers are usually made/built within 8-10 days after the order is placed, this policy is in place so that multiple speakers aren't made for one client, and excess inventory is not created. Under no circumstances can your payment be refunded after this 10 day time, unless Scumback authorizes it. If for some unusual reason you get a refund past 60 days, the paypal fees will not be refunded, as that is PayPal's timeframe for refunds without charging Scumback their fees for accepting your PayPal payment.

Credit Cards:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc are only handled through the site and the PayPal shopping cart. There is no way to take your credit card over the phone.

Wire transfers:

Accepted, but typically there's a $20 fee for this from the Scumback company's bank, plus whatever charges your bank applies to your payment. Be advised that foreign wire transfers (outside the USA) typically have an intermediary bank charge fee of 1 - 1.5%, plus your bank's fees charged to you. Check with your bank to see what those fees are so you send the correct amount, with fees adjusted. Wire transfer fee information on request, send an email to acquire it.


Scumback Speakers come with a 1 year warranty. In that time if a speaker fails, client will need to return the speaker to Scumback Speakers & Cabs, Inc in Whittier, California USA. If the voice coil is burnt, then excessive power was sent to the speaker, and there is no warranty coverage for that speaker. The same applies to bent frames, damaged cones, screwdrivers through the cone, abuse, mishandling, etc.

A rebuild or recone fee (which is the same as a new speaker) is $75 per speaker, plus shipping charges. If the speaker actually fails due to a manufacturing defect, you will get a credit towards shipping, and return shipping will be at no charge, including the rebuilding fee. A rebuilt speaker is the same as a new Scumback, unlike some other companies.

Any blue frame Scumbacks that were built by Weber VST up till May, 2011 will need to be warrantied with them directly. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause my clients.

Cabinet orders:

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all cabinet orders. Due to the high costs of the materials I use, 50% does not cover the full cost of the cab, and if you decide to cancel your order after 10 days, you will lose your deposit.

Hopefully this covers the most frequently asked questions, but if not, please email Scumback your questions

Thanks for your understanding!

Jim Seavall


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