Non USA based client shipping cost calculator

Many have asked how the shipping costs are calculated for overseas shipping. I usually ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail outside of the lower 48 or continental US States.

It's pretty simple, here's how to do it.

Step 1: Calculating the approximate shipping cost for USPS Priority Mail.
Click here:

Step 2: Select your country from the pull down menu,
and click the radio button for "Large Package".

Step 3: Enter the weight
1 speaker order 12 pounds 0 ounces
2 speaker order 24 pounds 0 ounces
3 speaker order 35 pounds 0 ounces
4 speaker order 44 pounds 0 ounces
Then click "Continue"

Step 4: Enter package dimensions (Length x Height x Width):
1 speaker order 16 x 8 x 16
2 speaker order 16 x 15 x 16
3 speaker order 16 x 24 x 16
4 speaker order 16 x 30 x 16
Then click "Continue"

Step 5: Click radio button for "Priority Mail International"
Please note that not all countries will accept a 3 or 4 speaker box for shipping, your selected country will have dimensions at this point for you to check. Australia, New Zealand, and Slovakia only accept 2 speaker boxes maximum.

Step 6: Click "Customs Forms and Extra Services", then click "Insurance".

Add in the insured amount x the number of speakers ordered. This will vary depending on the speaker(s) ordered. Insurance amounts below are per speaker.

M/J/H speakers $170 USD each
S75/Scumnico models $250 USD each

Then click "Continue"

The total for the shipping costs are shown on the lower right under "Post Office Price"

Step 7: Calculate packing costs to pack your speakers
1 speaker order $4
2 speaker order $5
3 speaker order $7
4 speaker order $9

Step 8: Add speaker, FBI, shipping and packing costs, that's your subtotal before Paypal fees of 4.2% (subtotal x 1.042) for currency conversion / convenience fees are added.

Example for speaker shipping to France (all prices in USD):

M75 65w speaker with FBI$174.00
USPS Priority Mail Shipping:$67.60
Packing costs:$4.00
Paypal fees (4.2% of the subtotal of speaker/shipping/packing):$10.32
Grand Total payable via PayPal:$255.92 USD

Send payment to PayPal account:

You can also email me, and I'll figure out the costs and send you a paypal money request to make it easier for you. Just include the speakers you want, your full address, contact phone # and your name, and your paypal account address, and I'll do the rest.


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