Some Bad Ass Sound Clips

Simply the best Pre Rola British voiced guitar speakers made.

In this newest section of Scumback Speakers' website you'll find music clips by a variety of people showcasing our products. There are over 530 clips so crank up your speakers, sit back and enjoy the sounds.

Guitar info for the sound clips

Amplifier info for the sound clips

Clip info

Clean Clip: All guitars played through Metro 50w Plexi into individual speakers
Dirty Stoners: (ala RS 70's tones): All guitars played through Metro 50w Plexi amp into individual speakers.
Scumrock: All guitars played through Splawn Nitro w/FJA modded amp into individual speakers.
Scumback Blues: Strat & Gibson SG played through the Aracom PLX100 into individual speakers.
Penetrator: Amp used: Splawn Nitro w/FJA mods. High gain, heavier sounding tune.
American Retard: American Retard is a British Pop Rock type tune ala The Beatles and Tom Petty.

These clips have rhythm guitar hard panned to the left channel, and lead guitar hard panned to the right channel. This allows you to put the clip in your recording software (GarageBand, etc) and listen to just the rhythm or the lead guitar separately.


New Video 12-20-11: A brand new Pete Thorn YouTube video that really cooks. Pete talks about and demonstrates some of our BlackBack and Paper Voice Coil speakers. It'll be 9 minutes well spent. See for yourself —>

Use the Navigation Bar on the right to view the clips available for each speaker. If a speaker is "grayed out" that means there are no clips available for it.


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