Scumback J Series Speakers

Scumback M75 Speaker


40oz ceramic, 55hz bass response, 12 inch special designed cone, small dust cap with vintage correct doping, spider, and voice coil tolerances. A close recreation of the early Kraft paper voice coils used until late 1967. This speaker's tone is woodier, with more upper mids than the J55.

The 20w speakers are built to the original Kraft paper voice coil specs. If sent too much power, they will spark or catch on fire. Due to this possibility, they are sold without any warranty, liability or guarantee. Once you mount them, they are non-returnable, period, no exceptions. It is strongly recommended you buy four of these for a 50w amp, and eight for a 100w amp.

The 65w speakers are built with higher temperature nomex voice coils and have a 1 year warranty.

The 65w speakers do not spark or catch on fire.

This speaker is for:  Those who want to more bass punch, and upper mids than the M55-PVC speaker, but not as much treble as the H75-PVC model.

Specially treated 55hz cone.   Early Pre Rola style doping just like the originals.
40 oz magnet, 1.75" voice coil, 12" wide.   8 bolt pattern allows mounting to most amps.
Available in 20 & 65 watt, 98 db.   8 ohm & 16 ohm only.

12-1/8" (30.79 cm) diameter, 5-1/8" (13.01 cm) deep, 7.5 lb (3.40 Kg).

Regular Price: $195.00.

*FBI: Factory Break-In of your speakers is only $10 per speaker.
This extra service takes 20 hours per speaker on a variac. The speaker sounds like you played it for 60 hours at stage levels when finished, saving you the trouble of annoying your neighbors, wife, kids and police visits!

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