Scumback BM Series Speaker

Scumback BM Series Speaker


Same speaker as the BM75, but with a large dust cap. The large dust cap smoothes out (rolls off) the highs, and makes the treble silkier on the top end, and adds a bit more bass response, right between the BM75 and BM55 models. The large dust cap model is similar in tone to a G12-65, but with a more aggressive upper midrange response. It also handles higher gain better than small dust cap speakers, making it great for hard rock, and 80's hair band styles.

This speaker is for: Those whe want a more agressive G12-65 tone.

Specially treated 75hz cone.   Blackback era style doping just like the originals.
35 oz magnet, 1.75" voice coil, 12" wide.   8 bolt pattern allows mounting to most amps.
Available in 25, 65 & 100 watt, 97 db.   8 ohm & 16 ohm only.

12-1/8" (30.79 cm) diameter, 5-1/8" (13.01 cm) deep, 8.5 lb (3.40 Kg).

Regular Price: $189.00

*FBI: Factory Break-In of your speakers is only $10 per speaker.
This extra service takes 20 hours per speaker on a variac. The speaker sounds like you played it for 60 hours at stage levels when finished, saving you the trouble of annoying your neighbors, wife, kids and police visits!

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